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Hi Carrie,
    I'd think that you're right, if the author doesn't know what order her
books should be read in, something is awfully disturbing.  So, I'd agree,
I'd use that list.  And I like the (dark hunter related) designation for not
numbered books.
Just my opinion though.


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Hi all,

The numbering of the Dark-Hunter novels is fairly mixed up on Bookshare, so
I thought I'd fix all the series numbers in the titles. I checked
fantasticfiction.com, wikipedia.com, and sherrilynkenyon.com, and what a
mess! All 3 lists are different, and they can't even agree on which one is
the very first novel. Evidently there are a lot of books about Dark-Hunters
that are outside of the main reading sequence. Does anyone have a strong
preference about which list to follow? My inclination is to go with the list
on sherrilynkenyon.com, figuring that she should know about the reading
order of her own books. Some of her books have "Dark-Hunters #N" in their
subtitles, and some just have "Dark-Hunters". If I follow that, some
Bookshare members will be confused. Why would some books have numbers and
not others? Should I say "Dark-Hunter related" in the titles of books that
are outside the main reading sequence? Is there some simple way to make this
clear to everyone?

In a quandary, Carrie

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