[bksvol-discuss] For Mayrie

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  • Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2012 23:47:14 -0500

  Dear Booksharian Friends,

  Thank you so much for your company and loyalty in paying a Booksharian 
tribute to Mayrie by joining together in reading and volunteering for 
Bookshare, activities which brought pleasure and conviction of accomplishment 
to her. She'd be right here, doing what we just did if she could. I think our 
turning pages stirred up a coast to coast breeze the meteorologists aren't 
going to be able to explain.

  If you read with us and I don't mention your name, you know your 
participation is felt and appreciated just as much. 

  Evan scanned 94 optimized pages of, "The Twelve stories of Christmas," in 
tribute to Mayrie's smooth moves at the scanner. I'm so glad that Amber, 
Christina, Julia and Sandi and some other volunteer scanners showed up. 

  I proofread 23 pages of "Dead in the Water, An Amanda Hazard Mystery #2." 
Sue, Courtney, Cindy, Marty, Regina, Chela, and the other proofreaders here 
know how Mayrie had to concentrate but loved every minute of it as she 
Proofread as a member of Bookshare's staff.

  A few cute, quirky tidbits popped up in my proofreading as I tried to pay 
attention while thinking about Mayrie and all of you who were reading, too. 
Jaws makes them sound funny.


  "Elmer only wore his false teeth while eating--period."

  I like that dash dash period period!


  Nick yelped and shook his thumb when he hammered the wrong nail--his 


  Jaws pronounced snakebit, snack a bit, which is what I did as I proofed, 
green and red em and emz.


  Guess what Mayrie did during her vacation a year ago before she knew she was 
sick? She picked a mystery series she hadn't worked on and read it start to 
finish. Before Bookshare there were almost no complete series accessible to us. 

  Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for bookishly showing the 
strength and caring of Bookshare volunteers for one of our own.

  Always with love,


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