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Hi, Lissi.

Awesome! I'm so glad I can help. I remember how frustrating it was to try to figure something out on my own back in the late '90's when I was just learning JAWS and Windows. There's no reason for anyone to bang their head against a wall these days, especially with lists like this around.

Besides, it's not really OT if you learned how to upload a book faster. <grins>


I tried sniffing Coke once, but the ice cubes got stuck in my nose.

Lisa Belville

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Dear Lisa, Cindy W4, Jackie, Mayrie, Dave,  and Booksharian Friends,

Lisa, your advice worked on my first try!!!

Cindy W4's advice about getting the spell checker to check spelling again worked last Saturday night, too!

For the very first time, my ears took me all the way through both pages of the uploading process tonight when I uploaded Junie B. Jones Has a Peep in Her Pocket #15, which Anastasia scanned so competently! I'm ecstatic! It was so much faster!

As you guessed, Lisa, I was getting bumped because I was using the enter key to ask the computer to go out of forms mode!

The b to take me to the browse button was a snappy time-saver, as well.

As much as I still don't know about computers, like where is the slash key on the num pad, what I do know makes me feel positively brilliant! I mean, when they work, computers still amaze me.

I am behind on the many thank yous I owe to people here who have helped me when something I don't understand about my computer stops me in my tracks.

I'm one of the listers who doesn't mind some off topic talking because this list feels so family, so friendly, that I love hearing more about what others here are thinking and doing. I'd really be lost volunteering if I didn't have this list to come to when I'm stalled.

The volunteers here, mostly on list, but off list, too, have virtually taught me to use computers, scanners, JAWS, K 1000, Outlook Express, Word, Internet explorer, and fun stuff like winamp and internet radio.

Many, many thanks to all of you! This is a wonderful group! We're so good for Bookshare and good for each other!

Always with love,


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