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No problem Cindy. It doesn't matter how long it takes folks to get to them. I am just concerned about after they get into the cue. ----- Original Message ----- From: "Cindy" <popularplace@xxxxxxxxx>

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From what you told us about Blbiss River I though I'd like to read it; then I read the customer reviews on Amazon. However I wouldn't mind prroofing it, but I have others to do first. I also have a list of Gwe's books that I plan to do when I finish the boks I have and a couple of ohers I promised to do. But if Bliss River or any of the ofthe books linger on the list I'll take them when I have time.

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Here they are but three
are adult and literally to
the extreme, Bad as she wants to be by Thea devine along
with Bliss River and Satisfaction along with
Host by Paul F. Wilson but will take someone sighted to get
chapters, kurzweil didn't get them all so
didn't put them and the last one
is The homesteader which is just your typical western.
There may be another one
but don't worry about them because I don't want
anyone to be offended. I just
wonder sometimes if Bookshare is becoming like the

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[bksvol-discuss] Re: For Gwen
  and Robert

  Robert, is it possible
you can give us a list of
  books that need proofreading, I'll do a
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November 30, 2009 1:26
[bksvol-discuss] For Gwen and

    Gwen, you're right. Robert
is an experienced and
    valuable member of our community. Robert, how many
books do you have that
    are waiting to be approved? Are they on step 1 or in
the admin queue?

    Gwen, there are several factors
in play regarding
    Robert's books. I don't know if you're
aware of all of these, so I thought
    I'd share them. Some of them can probably be
addressed by people on this
    list. Others can't.

    On the staff side, Carrie was
on vacation for a
    week before Thanksgiving. Also, most of the staff had
some time off last
    week for the holiday. I have found that she generally
approves books from
    volunteers within 24 to 48 hours of their entry into
the admin queue. Carrie
    used to be a volunteer just like us, and she remembers
the frustration of
    waiting and waiting for a book to be approved. She has
worked with Robert as
    a fellow volunteer as well and knows of his skills and

    From here, it looks like the
bottleneck right now
    is in getting books proofread. The number of books on
step 1 is piling up
    again. Our number of active volunteers and their
preferences for reading
    determine how fast a book is processed. This factor
affects everyone who
    submits books. For awhile everyone was worried about
not having any books to
    work on. Some people quit looking for new books on step
1 because of all of
    the books with holds on them. Now there are a lot of
excellent books needing
    a proofreader.

    The other factor, on a more
personal level, is hard
    for me to explain. Robert is a consistent and dedicated
volunteer. I respect
    him for his dedication and teamwork. Yet I am hesitant
to take his books for
    a personal reason. In the past, Robert has been willing
to scan some
    adult-rated content for Bookshare. It's my
perception that much of what he
    scans would be classified as steamy romances. I prefer
not to read the
    steamier books. This isn't about Robert or his
skills as a submitter. It's
    about me and what I want to read. I generally don't
like to draw attention
    to this issue since I think it's a
personal one on my part. Since I
    feel uncomfortable asking Robert which books are adult,
I let others take
    his books when he submits. I figured it would make him
angry if I asked
    about it. If I am wrong about what Robert submits, I
apologize and take full
    responsibility for not checking out my assumptions with


    think what I'm saying is that we might do a better
job of communicating with
    each other. I know I need to do that. I didn't know
that Robert's books
    weren't getting added to the collection. I also
assumed that most people are
    more comfortable with adult content than I am and that
those would be done
    quickly. I could be wrong on both

    The last thing I want is for you or Robert
to feel ignored or
    unappreciated. I don't have an immediate solution.
I think we could find
    ways to work this out together, with the help of the
Bookshare community. It
    would help us fix the problem if we know exactly
what's going on, if the
    books are on step 1, or are they getting lost in the

    "The best way to
    predict the future is to create it." -- Peter

At 10:32 AM 11/30/2009, you wrote:

    I think a timely
      manner is the key.
And those who have scanned for years and their books
      are good, and everyone knows they are good, to me
there shouldn't be a
Some books get up there right away, so what is the
      difference  in books?
 Especially those of like
      Robert's when his books have been tried and true
for a long
 Eventually  volunteers  are gonna quit
      books, because they aren't getting anywhere. Some
books stay up there for
      a long time.
It's grand for   kids books grand for grants,

      but I think they are forgetting the
submitters  especially
      those hard working ones like Bob who turns in a
quality scan each and
      every time not like his wife who turns no quality
scans LOL.
      understand me, but Bob that is different.
His should go right

----- Original Message -----
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        Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Re: What is the main
concern these

        That's fine as long as our
books get into the system on
        a timey matter.

----- Original Message -----
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          Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Re: What is the
main concern these

          I think BKS's concern is to do books that
fit their grant money.
          educational which seems to be most books for kids
and teens in
          addition to text books, of course. Adult books
don't seem to be
          educational- especially those that have some
romance in them. Since
          they have out-sourcers and do their grant books
with them as well as
          in house, I feel like I need to continue to scan
adult books for the
          rest of us who aren't students and who
don't want to read kids books
          and teen books.


          At 09:32 AM 11/30/2009, you wrote:

            I've noticed a strong emphasis on
children's books as well. This
            is wonderful, so long as it isn't at the
expense of books for us
            adults, too.


            robert tweedy wrote:

              I am just wondering about bookshare
policy of submitted books.
              Taking a look at the cue, it looks like
children's books which is
              okay but what about books that are just for
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