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  • From: Kane Brolin <kbrolin65@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: bksvol-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 5 Jan 2010 09:27:38 -0500

Hi, folks.  I just signed up this week to be a Bookshare volunteer.
Not that I intend to be a power contributor at this time; but I've
heard about Bookshare and have wanted to scan books for long enough
that I decided in the new year I need to do something about my
interest and get onboard.

Anyway, I'm now scanning a novel entitled "The Last Prince of the
Mexican Empire," a really interesting historical fiction work by a
fairly new author named C.M. Mayo whose work has not as yet been
officially produced in accessible format.  Since I'm not yet even a
Bookshare consuming member as yet, I have a very basic question:

At this point I'm scanning this book mainly for my own consumption;
but when I'm done I do intend to send "The Last Prince  ..." up to
Bookshare.  As probably often happens, my pagination doesn't exactly
line up with the page numbering of the book itself.  A couple of pages
at the front of this book are blank, so Kurzweil never rendered them.
A couple of other pages contain illustrations that obviously are not
rendered, either.  So does it matter that I have done 96 pages of
scanning so far according to Kurzweil, but that in terms of the
official book citation I'm only up to Page #91?  Or does it matter
that in one case I go from Page #67 to Page #70, since 68-69 are taken
up with an illustration?

I presume that when a book is edited, you try to make this all as
consistent and accurate as possible so that future readers can make
accurate citations if they're referring to a book they have read--say,
in an academic paper.  I am making sure that the book's official page
numbers are rendered properly.  So should I be concerned about how
many pages my document contains compared to the book's officially
published length?  What I'll send is a rough draft.  I know I won't
have the time to do a really careful proofread.

Yes, I have run across the scanning guidelines on Bookshare's Web
site, and I'll look these over carefully before uploading.  I'm just
asking for a general principle here.

Kind regards,

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