[bksvol-discuss] Re: Fiction By Best Selling Author & See Long Synopsis

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Kelly,  after two years I am still seeing:

Christian Romance.
It's all in the title.

And other such irritating and useless description.  What is even more 
bothersome is some of the volunteers in question have been on this list 
for quite a spell and by now should be able to create meaningful short 
summaries.  So, I fear that the only way to encourage  all volunteers to 
respect the needs of PAYING subscribers is to NUKE postings with 
meaningless synopsis.
But,  if you have a better suggestion,  please table it.

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[bksvol-discuss] Re: Fiction By Best Selling Author & See Long Synopsis

Guido my friend,
You're ranting. <grin> I agree with you in principle, but it doesn't make
sense to reject a book for lack of a synopsis. Coming up with a coherent
short synopsis that is sufficiently short isn't always easy and can take
some time. One thing that would really help would be if the web site were
fixed to only allow 250 characters in that edit field. That way the book
wouldn't have to be uploaded several times because of the stupid error 
the synopsis being too long. I can imagine trying to write one three times
and finally giving up in disgust. I've certainly had to write them three
times before. I know I could use Word's wordcount feature, but that's such 

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