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No sweat. I can rescan the missing page if I find out what page I thought was 
missing and the rest of the scan is great so I won't worry about it.  I can use 
both WordPerfect and Kurzweil and send the final form up rtf so there's no 
problem.  I don't remember what if any page I found missing but WordPerfect has 
been doing it's usual job of adding blank pages and removing page breaks but I 
found out from someone (you?) how to add the page break in Kurzweil and it is 
easier to remove the extra blank pages there as well. I find I had been going 
back and forth but WP multiplied copies of the book and it still converts them 
to "Read Only" so I keep having to change the name to have it accept the 
changes and  it becomes the height of absurdity with all the files multiplying 
like rabbits and I have to keep opening them from the documents page to see 
when I open it and find a read only file I can go back to documents and know 
which one to delete. 

If that last paragraph you can see why I want to work in Kurzweil and will 
until I need something I cannot do and then I work in WP but in its word 
compatibility mode [?].
Anyway, I will finish it and send it along to Bookshare and I thank you. You 
even have part 4 of "The Bear" in good shape.  It is that section that pulls 
all of the stories together and makes it a novel. I will have to find a way to 
get a copy of my Compson Geneology to you. It has twice as many names and other 
information on it and I am still adding to it. One look at it and the whole of 
Go Down, Moses  is clear as a novel and you see the missing characters - black 
and white - in the family that are in other books. 

This was the heart of the dissertation I was working on so you can see why I 
wanted to make sure I got it right and was so happy with the scan. I can put in 
anything missing as soon as I figure out what I thought was missing.  I have a 
clean copy of the book here somewhere or can get one from the library.  My 
original copy has writing on almost every page and in up to 5 colors.

Thanks again for everything.

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  I scanned it but you said I needed a page.  I couldn't get the book back so I 
couldn't replace the page.
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