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Mary, as we know, Bookshare.org was designed with the capacity to accept books 
scanned on yesterday's software, too ... and did quite a bit of that in its 
early days (grin).

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Yes, valid but inaccurate words will be ok as far as the automated stats 
generator is concerned. I am frankly appalled that a book could be accepted 
with 95% accuracy rating. Unless it is loaded with nonstandard 
dialect or with foreign words, 95% is hideously unreadable. Consider, if you 
will, how unhappy you would be if you had dictation software for writing 
documents and it gave you 95% accuracy. Would you find that 
acceptable?  With today's ocr software, I find it amazing that anything would 
be submitted that wasn't 99.something percent accurate, not counting names and 
non-English or nonstandard words. 

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