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Excuse me because you wrote this message to Donna, but just for feedback I
like to login before looking at the new books list because I can go ahead
and download the ones I know I want to read.  Maybe Gustavo annd his crew
are trying to think of both users                and non-members by putting
the listing in more than one place.  I like your sense of humor.  <smile>

Sue S.

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You'll also find it on the Volunteer Home page.  Look for

We presently have 24,435 books live on the Bookshare.org Website. Thanks to
all of you for helping us with each and every book. Click here to go to our
New Books Page.


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Hi Donna,

I was the one who said that the link was there.  If you go to
it actually sends you to http://www.bookshare.org/web/Welcome.html.
The link there is called  list of the 100 newest books added to our
Isn't that the homepage, or am I mistaken?


Donna Goodin <goodindo@xxxxxxx> wrote:
  Hi all,

    I don't recall who mentioned that Gustavo had added a browse new books
link to the homepage, but I just went and checked and there is no such link
there. I checked both the volunteer home, and the regular homepage, and
didn't find it in either place. Does anyone know if he might still be
working on it or something.

    Anyway, thanks to Jake, we have an alternative in the meantime.

Yahoo! FareChase - Search multiple travel sites in one click.

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