[bksvol-discuss] FW: OT: EMployment benefits & fraudulent checks

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Hey, Cindy.  Yes, we've filled a handful of jobs.  We're about to post a
new one, but I'm still working on it. And, yes, we do have a mass
transit benefit for employees.  

On the check scam, it's pretty narrowly targeted.  People respond to
spam that offers to connect them to "free cash grants from government
and foundations."  They then get a check from "Benetech" with a request
to send a check back for a certain smaller amount to "Benetech" for
taxes.  The check they get bounces, and the scammers get the money.  

This is a variation on the "advance fee" scam that is so prevalent on
the Internet.  The bottom line is that if someone promises you free
money, it's too good to be true.  

I don't expect that our users would respond to such spam.  


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One of the bookshare benefits is a $300/year subsidy
for using mass transit.

I never read the benetech page. I just go to the
log-in page. But at the benetech page was a warning
about a fraudulent check scam using Benetech. Jim, I
think something like that should also be sent to the
lists, if you or someone in the organization would
have time. smile


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