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                Are you updating the publishers list (3.2) in the manual on
the bookshare site's wiki?


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Kensington Publishing Corp., based in New York, has given us U.S. rights for
their titles.  They will be uploading 1,750 titles in EPUB through
LibreDigital.  In an unusual twist, they have declined to sign the agreement
for a variety of legal reasons but, in their words, "We firmly support the
mission of Benetech, and we are happy to have our books enrich the lives of
those with disabilities."

Kensington is the last remaining large independent U.S. publisher of
hardcover, trade and mass market paperback books. Kensington now accounts
for about 7% of all mass market paperback sales in the U.S. Through the
Kensington, Zebra, Pinnacle and Citadel press imprints, the company releases
close to 600 new books per year and has a backlist of more than 3,000
titles.  They are considered a leader and innovator in such areas of
publishing as African-American (Dafina), Gay and Lesbian, and, of course
romance. In 2006 they launched their new erotica line in trade paper and in
an eBook format as well. Competitive marketing strategies are Kensington's
hallmark. They pioneered the use of 3-D and holographic covers, foiling,
embossing and multi-colored covers for the same title-distinctive techniques
subsequently adopted by other publishers. 

While they originally started as primarily a historical romance publisher,
Kensington now publishes in just about all genres, with historical romance
now making up only a very small portion of their list. They publish titles
in such areas as Wicca, Gambling, Gay and Lesbian, Military History and now
popular internet culture.  Romance and women's fiction, however, continue to
make up more than half of the titles published each year.






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