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Oh, Lissi, your message was beautiful and well captures how much Gustavo 
meant to all of us here, I think. Thanks for sharing your feelings here. 
Take care.
Julie Morales
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To All of you who mourn for Gustavo,

I grieve with you.

Gustavo has died and I don't approve. I want him to be kicked back to step 
one where he can be grabbed and validated, his heart repaired as neatly and 
easily as a scanno can be made in to a proper word. This is one of those 
painful times we must accept the things we cannot change.

How is it that I can be so stricken by the death of someone I've never met? 
Because Gustavo was the keeper of the golden stars.With every book approved, 
"excellent, almost no errors," he glued a shiny gold star to my forehead. I 
was thankful and inspired to earn another.

On the way to those stars I had countless one sided conversations with him. 
"Gustavo, notice I've spell checked the short synopsis." "Have my comments 
convinced you the copyright information is precisely correct and exactly 
what Bookshare needs?" "Uh, oh, I'm being long winded again. If I leave 
anything out, it might be the thing I needed to say to get the book 
approved. If I write too much, you may skip my book because you don't have 
all afternoon to read my  comments. Delete, delete, delete!" ."Come on. Come 
on. Approve. Approve! Sorry. It's not just about my book. You have other 
books, other responsibilities and a life. I can be patient. You'll be back 
with more stars." "I'm repeating your name to myself again. Gustavo Galindo 
is so rhythmic and musical. It would be a crime to call you Gus."

Once I was terribly embarrassed because I uploaded a book and left, "Save 
for Lissi," as part of the title. Thoughtfully, one of the list monitors 
alerted me to my mistake and suggested that I send a post to Gustavo about 
it. At the time I squirmed to have to admit my carelessness, but now I'm 
glad I uploaded that defective title because the incident resulted in 
Gustavo emailing me twice. In a post with the subject line, "low 
importance," briefly but convincingly he assured me it was all right to make 
mistakes. At that time I was still uninitiated in computer jargon. "That 
Gustavo is such a nice guy!" I gushed to a friend. "He wrote low importance 
in the subject so I'd know my mistake was no big deal. Wasn't that a cute 
way to do it?" Now I know the broader usage of low and high importance and 
today's high importance post from Jim heralded terrible, tragic news.

In his second post, Gustavo notified me he'd corrected the title and 
approved the book." That efficient but kind interaction was special to me 
when it occurred, but is a treasure now.

As I validate, I'll imagine Gustavo is noting the format, page breaks, and 
accuracy and completeness of the text. As I upload, I'll imagine he's 
checking that all of the boxes on the form have the right stuff. In fact, 
I'll think of things in shambles as, "kicked back by Gustavo and things well 
done as, Gustavo approved.

Always with love,


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  Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Extremely sad news to the Bookshare.org 

  It is with great regret and sorrow that I inform you that Gustavo Galindo 
passed away suddenly yesterday.  Gustavo was the Site Manager for 
Bookshare.org, and was the foundation of our Bookshare.org team.  He was 
involved in the rapid growth of our collection over the last four years 
through personally approving each book being added.  Gustavo was fierce in 
his dedication to serving people with print impairments while getting it 
right, by taking our commitments to publishers and authors seriously.  He 
had a formidable intellect, and his insights, understanding and sense of 
humor will be sorely missed by our team.

  We can honor Gustavo's commitment to access and books by doing our best to 
bring more books to more people with print disabilities around the world.


  Jim Fruchterman

  President and CEO


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  Palo Alto, California 94306 USA

  New direct line: +1 650 644-3406

  Fax: +1 650 475-1066



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