[bksvol-discuss] Expansion Initiative Updated

  • From: "Jake Brownell" <jabrown@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2005 21:12:31 -0600

Hi all,
    I made a large update to the expansion site. The release notes follow. If 
you have any questions please feel free to contact me offlist. The same URLs 


and the Tips URL works even though they've moved.

Old URL:

New URL:

If you have trouble reading the release notes as pasted into this email, the 
direct URL is:


  a.. Lots of improvements! I've been working on tweaks off and on for the past 
few months. Here are some of the highlights. 
  b.. Tips section integrated! Now the tips area is part of the same site, one 
URL will get you to it all. 
  c.. Tips area now requires login to add a tip. 
  d.. When loading pages without being logged in, only accessible links are 
shown. Links to items that will require a login are withheld until such a login 
is made. 
  e.. Pages like Edit Title in Category and Edit Title in Series which require 
you to select items from a combo box and then to press a button to get to the 
next step, now use Javascript to link the pressing of the enter key to the 
correct button. 
  f.. Choose whether or not to display authors in the series section. This 
feature also uses Javascript. A page reload is not required. The downfalls 
include that if you revisit the page you'll have to press the button again. I 
could have done this across the server, but I was learning some Javascript at 
the time and tried it first. 
  g.. New Preferences area! In this area you can change your email address, 
password or display name. 
  h.. Display Name was added to the database a long time ago. It doesn't do 
anything as of yet. I've been toying with the idea of making this display on 
tip pages. Note that the default display name is "User" (minus the quotes of 
  i.. Users section for administrators has been updated with Display Name data. 
  j.. New Login! The sidebar is now displayed on the login screen, verses 
making the page totally isolated. 
  k.. Login now puts a third piece of cookie data, your display name. I updated 
the database to say User for everyone's, because with an empty string login 
failed. Please contact me if there is a difficulty with logging in. 
  l.. Forgot password feature! If you forget your password you now have the 
opportunity for it to be e-mailed to your registered address. If you enter an 
e-mail address that exists in the database but a wrong password the site will 
present you with an opportunity to try again or to request a password e-mail. 
The request page will require you enter your e-mail again. This feature was 
created at the request of a user. Testing of this feature shows that the 
e-mails are sent from the JBrownell server within a quarter of a minute, so you 
won't be locked out of the site for long! 
  m.. No more proceed link on login page! You no longer need to press the 
proceed link to return to the site. The server will automatically return you to 
the Home Page. 
  n.. No more proceed link on logout page! Upon pressing logout, if it is 
successful (I've never had it not be) you are put back on the Home Page. 
  o.. The main URL: http://www.JBrownell.com/bks/ now puts you right on the 
Home Page as well. Before the URL would take you to index.html which had a META 
redirect to welcome.asp, but removing the index.html file will cause the server 
to put you on default.asp, which is now the main page. welcome.asp redirects to 
default.asp in case anyone had bookmarked that page. 
  p.. Tips area redirect. http://www.JBrownell.com/bks/tips now redirects to 
  q.. UserID field in the database. I think I've finally learned my lesson 
about linking everything in a database with ID numbers. 
  r.. I'll update the manual someday. 
  s.. The amount I've learned from this project just keeps growing! 

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