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Dear Volunteers,

If you enjoy history, classical music, biography or meeting unique characters, you might consider reading Evening in the Palace of Reason by James R. Gaines which I uploaded yesterday with indispensable, patient help from Gerald. It was approved today! Thank you Staff!!!

Here's a copy of the short synopsis.

Frederick The Great had a conflicted youth. His mother taught him to love art, luxury and intrigue. His father beat him mercilessly and often as he trained his son to be a dedicated leader and warrior. Bach knew and was fulfilled by his lifelong career as a brilliant composer and performer, though he often felt that he was underpaid and that the work he so loved wasn't appreciated. This historic novel illuminates the motives and goals of these major figures in the age of enlightenment. Fascinating and challenging facts about music and history abound. The novel is followed by a discography guiding the reader to J. S. Bach's recordings.

end of synopsis

Usually, though I'm interested in the topic of a nonfiction book, I surprise myself by losing interest about a third of the way through the book. Not so with Palace of Reason. The information about these men, Bach who made music and Frederick who made laws and war and changed the map of Europe during the age of enlightenment, the early 18th century, was so detailed and personal I felt strong compassion and admiration for them. Grumpy Bach, extremely fertile as a father and composer believed his music was meaningful, worshipful and beautiful and it still is. Frederick was both pampered and abused. Like his sometimes mad father, he had odd quirks, habbits both courtly and crude, He enlarged Prussia and improved the lives of his subjects. Thousands of them died in the battles he led. He had a sharp but moody intellect and was both generous to and cruel to the artists and thinks he admired most including writers like Voltaire and composers like Bach, Telemann, and one of Bach's sons. Frederick worked at leading Prussia until the end of his days but endured many years of deteriorating health and respect from other world leaders and dignitaries and his subjects and died unloved and unloving.

Speaking as a volunteer, having just skimmed the html download of this book, I'm proud of the work I did based on a fine scan submission. I see areas where I can improve, places where my being over caughtious caused some repetition of page numbers, but all of the page numbers paragraphs, and chapter names are there. I may have missed a few text glitches, but I think your read will be smooth and the errors won't cause you to drop the book and tear your hair.

Book-share has been a wonderful place for me to learn and improve my computer skills from square one. The contradictory ideas can be confusing, but ultimately I learn more and appreciate the work and contributions of all of you.

Always With Love,


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