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  • Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2012 23:47:34 +0000

Hi evolunteers,

I'm trying to send out an etiquette guide every so often for people new to the 
list. Please find it below.

Bksvols-Discuss Freelists Etiquette Guide

The list is to support volunteers in the volunteer process. This means that 
this list should be used to discuss scanning and proofreading tips, thoughts, 
suggestions, and questions. It also can be used to discuss accessibility 
questions and/or concerns.  We suggest that other conversations unrelated to 
Bookshare volunteering be moved elsewhere.

Here is a review of some of the practices that we use to keep list 
communication efficient:

1.       Please use clear descriptions of the email in the "Subject" line.

2.       When a question has been answered please refrain from responding 
further and let the thread die. This also applies to posts that only state "I 
agree" or "me too," as they aren't necessary.

3.       Quoting should be kept to the bare minimum.  Do say enough in a reply 
so the list understands the subject you are referring to. If you plan to quote 
or forward a message to the list, please take the time to strip out the header 
information and unnecessary excess information in the email itself.

4.       When messages have some general interest to the group but the topic 
has drifted or shifted slightly, please change the subject line to more 
accurately reflect the new subject or add "OT" before the original subject to 
indicate that the thread is "off-topic." The letters OT tell us two things. 
First that we may safely skip the message without leaving a fellow volunteer 
stranded with a problem and second that each member of the list has an extra 
responsibility to let that thread fade out so that it is less difficult to find 
and answer on-topic issues of immediate concern to a volunteer's scanning and 
proofing. "OT" should not be used for general chatting, but should be used in 
instances in which the list member does not know how to categorize the post.

5.       A note to minors: please do not disclose private information such as 
medical details.

6.       Be polite. These lists are not appropriate places to share religious 
or political views, rude language, cruel or criticizing remarks. We do not 
stand for any type of harassment.

7.       If you have an opinion about how the list is run or about a certain 
list member, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator directly.

Disclaimer: List participation confirms agreement with, and complicity to, list 
policy and rules even if said articles have not been read. Individual 
participants are solely responsible for their own actions and postings and are 
at their own risk.  This includes any information, advice, and counsel as well 
as addresses, phone numbers, or any other personal contact information. 
Bookshare takes no responsibility for the comments, opinions, and postings of 
its subscribers either now, or in the future.


Madeleine Linares
Volunteer Coordinator
Bookshare, a Benetech Initiative

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