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Hi Cindy,
    Nope Spanish is most definately not my native language. I had two years
in high school and am now in my second semester of college Spanish. In fact
I'm up late (1:27 here) studying for a test. My scholarship requires me to
take through the second year of any language.
    Hmm, too bad in-course Honors contracts were due a week ago. An
in-course honors contract is where a student can earn honors credit by
working with the professor to create a unique project that can be considered
as extra wrok and thus honors. Perhaps I could have done a Spanish book...
ah well I'm rather busy this semester anyways. (18 hours, never again!).
    But I'll definately be filing this idea away for next year though, that
of scanning/reading a Spanish book.

Hopefully I've not mistyped too awfully. Off to estudio un poco y me
acuesto. (study a little and go to bed).


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> -Many many months ago --probably over a year-- I
> scanned and submitted the Spanish edition of Island of
> the Blue Dolphins, by Scott O'dell. Supposedly there
> were people here who could validate it (Dilsia, you
> weren't here then). I just checked, and it is in the
> collection, but with a Fair rating, many errors. That
> disappoints me. :-(  Perhaps, Jake, as a class project
> you could get it from Marissa and validate it -- or
> Dilsia? Is Spanish your native language? Could you do
> it?
> Allison, I think your Spanish is pretty good -- better
> than mine, anyway. I could probably do it myself, but
> it's been too long since I had Spanish. I suppose I
> could get the book again  and check it where I had
> doubts.
> I think our books in languages other than English
> ought to be in as good shape as our the best of our
> English-language books.
> Cindy
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