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  • Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2007 14:29:22 -0800

Jamie, I had that happen with a recent book. The print copy was horrendous,
but the scan was meticulous. Couldn't put "(sic)" in there as that's not
part of the copyrighted info. (Plus it would be every two words.) I talked
to Clare about how to handle it. Info about this (clean scan of lousy print)
was relayed in the "notes for reviewers for validation", but also in the
summaries. You can see how we worded it if you look up "Mom, I Need to Be a
Girl." (And I just sent Claire a note the title is in lower case.) It just
killed me to see such a lousy print copy, but I had to include every error,
Jim F has been quite clear with us about that in the past. We are not to
change copyright info, including typos or errors in the original source:
just note it for validator comments and long summary. Some of us ex-English
teachers just about gnaw our fingers off at leaving the errors... The book I
submitted that way I would normally not bother with but it's an important
book in the sub-genre collection I'm developing.

Liz In Portland

Liz Halperin
Portland, OR

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