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I've had the urge to do that recently when there were
a few only a misspelled words in the book, but I
thought that would be unpleasant interruptions for
people who listen, and possibly for Braille readers as
well. I did put in the long synopsis that misspellings
were in the book and so I left them alone, gritting my


--- "Jamie Yates, CPhT" <jamieyates@xxxxxxxxxxx>

> I have been reading a book that has a lot of errors.
> If I scan it, it's going to look atrocious.
>   When you quote a source that has errors, you put
> [sic] after the error to show it was an error in the
> source and not in your quoting.
>   Would it be permissible to put [sic] after the
> errors so that readers know it wasn't a poor scan?
> Jamie in Michigan 
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