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Marissa changed one just the other day.  She added (British Edition) to one
of the Harry Potter books.

She also has 3 other titles that need changing which are on Bookshare's list
of things to do.

Tiffany found one by David Baldacci last night that needs correcting: Hour
Game.  I also sent her two EARLY last month that still need corrections:
Temple of the Winds by Terry Goodkind and The Nonborn King by Julian May.
Marissa, if you need help verifying that the two titles I sent you are the
correct titles before you can have someone update the database and files,
then let me know.  Be glad to help.


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Is there a way to correct titles of books in the database?  I noticed a
couple when reading through the new books that have small errors.

The American Jouney: Building a Nation
Literature and Lanugage Arts: Introductory Course


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