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I wouldn't bother buying new in the first place.  I'd buy a referb.  The new 
scanners won't last long enough to justify the cost unless they're of the 
darned expensive models.
Figured out in a cost per book basic, new just isn't worth the money.

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  Hi All,

  This message is along similar lines of our scanner threads of the last week.  
I am getting a new scanner and am planning to get an Epson.  I've heard tell 
that the Epson 3170 is the best there is for scanning books.  However, I went 
to two different stores today, and there were no 3170s to be found.  Why is 
that?  Is this an out-of-date model?  Or is it something hard to find cuz it is 
in high demand.  I worry that this is already a model of the past so to speak.  
And, as I'm buying it brand new, I'm not sure if I want a scanner that will be 
on its way out very soon.  

  So I guess my question is, is the 3170still the best out there?  Is it worth 
the search to buy one>?  Where would you buy one?  And I'm not looking for an 
online dealer either.  

  The stores did have two different models of Epsons however.  The Epsons 2580 
and 4180.  Anyone had any experience with either of those?  Are they something 
worth getting, or is the 3170 still the better buy?  My basic thinking would be 
that the newest ones are the better ones, but I know that this is not always 
the case.  So I thought I'd write and see what you guys think.  I use Kursweil, 
and I need to be sure that the scanner will work with that as well.  I 
currently use a Cannon scanner, which I like, but it is rather slow.  That's 
why I've been looking at the Epsons lately.  So guys, any feedback is 

  Thanks in advance! 

  Allison H. 

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