[bksvol-discuss] Re: Epson Scanners, does anyone know them?

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Hi LIssi:  In fact, I'm going to buy that 3170 for myself.  I have a legal 
sized hp 4 something; it's a big beast, and slow as one, too.  Anyone want tit 
and is willing to pay the shipping; it's yours.  Patti

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  Dear everyone, especially those of you who use scanners with K 1000.

  As you know, I've taken the plunge and ordered K1000 I might get lucky and 
find it will work with my HP 4 in one scanner etc, but have been advised that 
if it won't work, buying an Epson might be best. 

  I went to the Kurzweil site and  wrote a list of all of the Epsons they said 
were compatible.

  Then I went to the Epson site, and checked both the regularly priced scanners 
and the models on sale.

  Here is a list of the matches I found. It made me nervous that so many called 
themselves photo scanners as I wondered if they were meant to do well with 
pictures rather than text..

  Does anyone have a comment as to whether any of these sound like a good 
investment  Thanks in advance, naturally addled and I can call the tech guy if 
it turns out I need to buy the stand alone.

  4180 reduced from 199 to 150 dollars

  3200, does color, too, reduced from 399 to 299 dollars

  2580 reg cost 129

  4490 for 250 dollars

  1670 50 reduced from 99 to 50 dollars

  3170 reduced from 174 to 79 dollars

  I sure hope my HP works. This scanner search is boring and confusing. I guess 
I could also check other stores or E bay. The Epson site didn't have all of the 
models Kurzweil listed. Some of these other places could have jmodels Epson 
didn't offer.

  Really sleepy tonight. That's all folks.

  Always With Love,


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