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  • Date: Sat, 28 Aug 2004 09:11:43 -0400

Hi Jackie,

I just took a look at the Openbook scanner info page to see what they say about speed. I knew either the 1670 or 1650 was slow, but I couldn't remember which one it was. Here's what I found regarding average scan times with Openbook.

1670 extremely slow about 60 seconds per page
1660 about 13 seconds per page
1650 about 20 seconds per page

Even if you aren't using Openbook, these specs should still give you an idea of why people have been searching for the 1660.
I just got a SCSI card to put in my current computer so I could connect a 10 year old HP 4P scanner because the Epson 1250 I've been using has been driving me nuts with its slowness. The 1250 was taking about 50 seconds a page, and while that doesn't sound like much when scanning 1 page, you scan 200 or 300 pages in Express Batch mode in Openbook, and it adds up. I only mention this to point out that you would very quickly tire of the 1670.


At 08:29 AM 8/28/2004, you wrote:
I was looking for the Epson 1660 scanner discussed in July on this list. I found Epson perfection 1650 and Epson Perfection 1670. Each is $69, refurbished. Are those okay substitutes for the Epson 1660? Nobody mentioned the work Perfection, and these are photo scanners, so I wasn't sure. Please help.

- Jackie McCraw

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