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You may need to check in the control pannel under scanners and cameras to see if there is anything left behind from your old scanner.  You may have a conflict between different drivers.  You probably needed to deleet your old driver from the device manager before uninstalling the rest of the driver software.  You may try going to scanners and cammeras and seeing if there is anything left behind from the old scanner.  If there is, try to deleet it.  That may help.   At 09:36 AM 1/13/2005, you wrote:

I suppose tech support already suggested running a K1000 repair with as little as possible running in the SysTray, and with special emphasis on closing your virus scanner prior to running the repair.
Do Epson scanners give you more than one option for scanner source in Kurzweil?  Sometimes one driver or program will work when another does not, so that is something to check.  I'm probably a lot less useful than tech support was, but I am just suggesting things to make sure they were covered, or to trigger someone else's memory of potential problem fixes.
If the Epson tech support people are annoying about telling you to use the scanners software to scan don't let them get away with that lousy cop out.  I understand that they may not know anything about Kurzweil, and you can acknowledge that you realize they can't know about every piece of software out there, but telling you just to forget about using your own software is unacceptable.  You know that a very large number of people use Epson scanners with Kurzweil, and the software that is provided with scanners is usually only for scanning pictures, and if it includes OCR it is usually a cheep fairly low quality program, and the tech support people should understand that they just won't do.  Ask them if they know of any problems similar to yours with other OCR software such as omny page and fine reader which are part of Kurzweil.  Install the latest drivers you can find before calling them because even if that isn't the problem, which it very well might be, they won't even help you with anything else until you have the latest drivers.  Also update Kurzweil if you haven't already.  All tech support people are hoping to get rid of you as fast as possible, so you have to be pushy and persistent and never give them any excuse to get rid of you before you believe they have really tried to help you all they could.  Take it from a person trained for the computer support field, and way more experienced than I'd like to be in trying to get tech support. :-)
Sarah Van Oosterwijck
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Hi guys,
Could use some help here.
I just got an Epson scanner.  I installed it as well as K1000 version 9.  Sounds like a good set up right?  I'm good to go right?  Nope.  Not happening. 
I've tried a lot of things including Kursweil tech support.  Nothing seems to help for long.  If I get it working, it will go back to not once I reboot.  No one seems to know what's up.  The scanner was installed correctly so far as I can tell.  I've checked the drivers, seemingly fine.    Kursweil seems to recognise it, or at least it is listed as the scanner under settings.  However, when I go to scan, it frreezes up Kursweil.  I don't get an error message, no dialogue box, no scan failed message, just nothing.  I can't get Kursweil to talk for anything after a scan atempt.  I don't know what's on the screen, I just know that nothing I try to type seems to have any effect, including an alt f4.  The only way I can even get K1000 to shut down is to reboot my comp.  The tech support individual at Kursweil had me delete my default settings file.  That seemed to work, for a while, until I restarted my comp that is.  My scanner seems fine because it can be run through the scanners own software called the Epson Smart Pannel.  I think it's something between Kursweil and the scanner.  I know Epsons work with Kursweil however because everyone else who  has an Epson seems to be able to get it to work.
So, what's going on?  Help guys!  I'm out of ideas.  Anyone with any Epson experience wanna help me out here?  All tips are appreciated.  I was really excited to use all the new stuff, and suddenly I find I'm really missing my old slow Cannon scanner and Kursweil version 8! 

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