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Summer, 2006

Now over 28,800 Books on our site!




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Summer, 2006
In this issue:

We Have Over 1,000 Books in Spanish

Featured Book: A Sense of the World

Save on Institutional Access Packages

NFB-Newsline Service in Two More States

Our Most-Read Periodicals

Bookshare.org has New York Times Best Sellers 

Top Public Domain Downloads

Two Featured Public Domain Titles 

PublisherLookup.org from the AAP

Earn a Free or Discounted Subscription

About Bookshare.org

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Bookshare.org Newsletter; Summer, 2006. Hello. I'm gustavo galindo, the Manager 
of the Bookshare.org Website, and the editor of this newsletter. Bookshare.org 
is the on-line digital library of accessible books with over 28,800 books and 
periodicals. If you met us for the first time at one of the conferences we 
attended this summer: NFB, ACB, AHEAD or AER, this is your first quarterly 
newsletter. It's my pleasure to bring you up to date on the latest happenings 
at Bookshare.org, share a bit of what we're working on for the remainder of 
2006, and point you to additional resources available to the print-disabled 


Bookshare.org Offers More than 1,000 Books in Spanish! Thanks to a very 
generous grant from the Community Technology Foundation of California, 
Bookshare.org is able to offer more than 1,000 books in Spanish in accessible 
formats to our subscribers. This collection represents the standards of 
contemporary Latin American fiction as well as the classics of Colonial and 
Peninsular Literature. Click here to get more information about our 
Spanish-language offerings <http://www.bookshare.org/web/Welcome.html?libros=1> 

Para leer más acerca de nuestro servicio de libros en formatos accesibles en 
idioma español, haz clic aquí 
<http://www.bookshare.org/web/Welcome.html?libros=1> .

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Featured Book: A Sense of the World by Jason Roberts Is Now Available on 
Bookshare.org. A Sense of the World is a biography of James Holman (1786-1857), 
a 19th-century British naval officer who became blind at 25, but nevertheless 
became one of the greatest independent travelers of his time. Bookshare.org 
subscribers can download this fascinating and gripping biography now in either 
DAISY or BRF formats. Click here to get more information about A Sense of the 
World <http://www.bookshare.org/web/SingleTitle.html?submittitleid=38776> .

To see what other books we've recently added to our collection of online 
accessible books, now numbering over 28,800 titles, visit our New Books 
<http://www.bookshare.org/web/BooksNew.html>  page in a new browser window.

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Purchase a Book Package Between Now and the End of September and Save $45. Our 
Back-to-School Book Packages are available in Three Options: 30 Books for $255, 
60 Books for $405, or 100 books for $555! If you work in a school or college, 
we know you're busily planning for the start of a new school year. Don't forget 
to renew or purchase an Institutional Access Book Package from Bookshare.org 
for your print-disabled students, so that you may provide them with access to 
our over 28,800 books and over 150 periodicals. Purchase a Book Package between 
now the end of September and we'll give you a discount. Our Book Packages are 
available in three options: 30 books for $255, 60 books for $405, or 100 books 
for $555. Get more info about our Institutional Access program by visiting our 
Institutional Access Information Page 
<http://www.bookshare.org/web/AboutInstitutionalAccess.html>  on our website, 
or contact Susie Mckinnon, our School And Group Accounts Manager at 
 , or 650-644-3433. After September 30th, our book packages go back to: 30 
books for $300, 60 books for $450, and 100 books for $600. Keep in mind that 
our repository carries thousands of K-12 and post-secondary supplemental books 
and textbooks.

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Idaho and Oregon contribute to NFB-Newsline Funding; Eligible State Residents 
Gain Access to More than 150 Periodicals. Over this summer, the states of Idaho 
and Oregon began contributing to the fund that allows the NFB to operate its 
NFB-Newsline service. This means that eligible residents of these two states 
who are current Bookshare.org subscribers are now able to access more than 150 
periodicals, from local titles such as The Oregonian 
 , The Salem Statesman Journal 
  and The Idaho Falls Post Register 
  to national newspapers like The New York Times 
 , The Wall Street Journal 
 , USA Today 
 , and The Christian Science Monitor 
  plus magazines like The New Yorker 
 . All these titles are available to our subscribers in DAISY and BRF formats.

You can get additional information about the NFB-Newsline Service offered 
through Bookshare.org by visiting our About Newsline 
<https://www.bookshare.org/web/AboutNewsline.html>  page.

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Most-Downloaded NFB-Newsline Periodicals! Over the past month, these are the 
top five periodicals that our subscribers most often downloaded:

1.      The New York Times 
2.      The Wall Street Journal 
3.      The Washington Post 
4.      USA Today 
5.      Tie: San Francisco Chronicle 
 ; Washington Times 

A listing of all the NFB-Newsline titles current offered by Bookshare.org can 
be found on the About NFB-Newsline Periodicals 
<http://www.bookshare.org/web/MembersPeriodicals.html>  page of our website.

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New York Times Best Sellers Available on Bookshare.org. Last September we 
launched a trial program to offer the top 10 Hardcover Fiction, Hardcover 
Non-fiction, Paperback Fiction, and Paperback non-fiction to our subscribers. 
Any time a book would appear in the top 10 New York Times Best Sellers Lists, 
we would purchase a copy of that book, process it in-house and offer it to our 
subscribers (often while the book was still on the best-seller list). This 
trial program was such a tremendous hit with our subscribers, it is now a 
regular Bookshare.org feature. Click here for a list of the 152 New York Times 
Best Seller titles <http://www.bookshare.org/web/NYA.html>  we've added, plus 
get a peek at the books we're working on for August.

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Our 10 Most Popular Public Domain Titles Are Available Free of Charge to 
Anyone: While it's true that our copyrighted material is restricted to persons 
with bona-fide and verified print-disabilities (that means visual impairments 
including blindness, learning disabilities such as dyslexia, and certain 
mobility impairments) who have current subscriptions to Bookshare.org, our 
Public Domain titles are freely available to everybody, even if you are not a 
subscriber or do not have a print disability. Aside from the file formats that 
we offer our copyrighted books in, DAISY and BRF, our Public Domain titles are 
also available in HTML and Text (ASCII).

Here's a list of the top 10 most downloaded Public Domain titles from 

1.    The Adventures of Tom Sawyer 

2.    Holy Bible, American Standard Version 

3.    Holy Bible, King James Version 

4.    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 

5.    Wuthering Heights 

6.      The 9/11 Commission Report 

7.    The Count of Monte Cristo 

8.    A Christmas Carol 

9.    Little Women 

10.                       Pride and Prejudice 

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Two Cleaned-Up Public Domain Titles Featured: We recently scanned and submitted 
these two Public Domain titles in-house.

*         Call of the Wild 

*         Black Beauty 

They look and sound great in a DAISY player, scan-and-read software, 
refreshable braille devices, and web browsers. Feel free to download either or 
both books to assess the suitability and ease-of-use either for yourself or 
your students.

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The Publisher Look-Up Service, A New Textbook Database Offering From The 
Association of American Publishers (AAP): Here's a new resource to help our 
post-secondary students and the staff that support them track down accessible 
college-level textbooks that may not already be available on Bookshare.org or 
through other providers. The Publisher Look-Up Service, www.PublisherLookup.org 
<http://www.publisherlookup.org/> , is a Web site interface that AAP is 
launching in mid-August to help college disability services professionals 
search for the appropriate contacts at textbook publishing companies from whom 
to request electronic formats and/or scanning permissions. Click here to read 
the AAP's press release announcing this service 
<http://www.publishers.org/press/releases.cfm?PressReleaseArticleID=338>  and 
explaining it in greater detail.

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Renewals to Bookshare.org Are $50 Per Year or Less (Even Free): When you 
purchase a new annual subscription to Bookshare.org for $75, you pay for 
unlimited "all-you-can-read" access to our collection of almost 30,000 books 
plus periodicals. Renewals cost only $50! However, we know that for some 
members of the Bookshare.org community, $50 is actually a lot. We strongly 
believe that our members can help themselves at the same time they help others. 
Every time one of our members scans and submits a new book, or becomes an 
on-line volunteer and validates a book that somebody else has submitted, that 
member earns credit that get applied against the cost of an inaugural 
subscription or a renewal.

Since the start of 2006, 5 of our members have earned entirely free new 
subscriptions through their Bookshare.org community volunteering efforts. In 
that same time, 40 members have earned their renewals at no cost to them. Over 
130 members have defrayed part of their subscription fees. At the same time, 
these members have helped us add over 3,500 new titles to Bookshare.org since 
the start of the year.

Learn how you can earn credits by submitting new books that you scan 
<http://www.bookshare.org/web/MembersSubmitForm.html> , or volunteering to 
validate books that others have submitted 
<http://www.bookshare.org/web/AboutVolunteering.html> .

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About Bookshare.org, Books without Barriers--Bookshare.org is an online 
community that enables people in the United States with visual or other print 
disabilities to legally share scanned books.

Bookshare.org is a project of the Benetech Initiative, a nonprofit 
organization. The Benetech team originally developed the Arkenstone reading 
systems, and is now using the power of technology to introduce new projects 
such as Bookshare.org.

*         www.benetech.org <http://www.benetech.org/>  (opens a new browser 
The Benetech Initiative
480 California Ave., Suite 201
Palo Alto, CA 94306

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discussion group by sending an email with "subscribe" in the subject line to 
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