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The file was apparently sent successfully.  What is your friend trying to do 
with the file?  Do they want to read it on a Braille display, or open it in 
a word processor such as Word or WordPad?  Windows doesn't know by default 
how to open a brf file the way it does a txt or rtf file.  You have to tell 
Windows what program it needs to use.  Windows has a list of such extensions 
and the programs that are associated with them, and brf isn't yet on the 
list apparently.

If this is just a one time thing, your friend could just rename the file 
with an rtf or txt extension without actually converting it, then Windows 
will use whatever program it usually uses to open such files.  If they are 
trying to read it on a Braille display, if they have a Compact Flash card, 
then they can just keep the brf extension and copy the file to the card 
without opening it.  If your friend regularly wants to open brf files in a 
word processor such as WordPad or Word, then they need to go into the Open 
With section and read down the list of choices of programs Windows lists and 
select the one they want Windows to use.


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  Hi, Everyone.  I just tried to send a file done in braille on the Braille 
Lite as an e-mail attachment to someone.  My machine let me insert the file, 
which I gave a BRF extension, as an attachment, but when the person tried to 
open, the message was that Windows had to find a program to open it through 
the control panel.  Is there a simple, straight-forward to send a braille 
file intact by e-mail, or must it always be converted to text or Word first? 
If there is a simple way using a Compact Flash card, please let me know step 
by step.  Thank you.

  Linda Adams

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