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Jill, let me know how these display on your Braille display.



Melissa Smith

On 5/27/2010 9:23 AM, Jill O'Connell wrote:
If you know what the symbol is I would be happy to try this as I have a braille display. I too had Kurzweil recognize this once and say elipsis instead of dot, dot, dot.

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    Just wondering if the Braille conversion tool would recognize an
    ellipses as such if we used the actual symbol for an ellipses
    instead of the 3 periods together. I've noticed that my screen
    reader will sometimes say ellipses and sometimes just say dot dot
    dot. I'm thinking that if the Braille conversion tool would
    recognize the actual ellipses, it would be displayed correctly in
    Braille and print and work for everybody. Perhaps this is
    something that needs to be checked with engineering to know for sure.

    Melissa Smith

    On 5/27/2010 12:12 AM, Susan wrote:
    Hi Jill,
    The question is, how do we format books to be the most correct
    for everyone? I know this sounds opinionated, and I'm sorry, but
    I'm not sure this is always possible to achieve in one book. For
    example, if we format correctly for braille, (such as in the
    ellipses we've been discussing forever), perhaps a dyslexic
    reader is not getting his or her needs (which are just as
    important) met? What is the answer, I wish I knew. Thanks for
    letting me vint everyone! Are you feeling any differently about
    working with us, Scott? Sure do hope not.
    Susan, The Questioning Proofer


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