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In print if an ellipsis comes at the end of a sentence there will be a period as well as an ellipsis, but the ellipsis is part of the sentence. That means that the period comes after the ellipsis.

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I may not be correct about this because I think this is what I have observed with my limited vision, that print books only have three periods even if the first one really represents a period. If I am right, in such a case I put a period, space and then three periods with no spaces in between. Have any of the rest of you observed this as well? ----- Original Message ----- From: Mayrie ReNae
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 Hi Bob and everyone,

I have just looked at my copy of the braille transcription manual. It has a copyright date of 1994, so may have changed since. However, it does state that spaces should appear both before and after an elipsis, except when the elipsis is followed by a punctuation mark, which should follow the elipsis without a space.

This formatting was not the case when I learned braille, and I apologize if my previous understanding of what was correct and up-to-date has misled anyone.

The formatting of a space, three periods without spaces, and another space does not seem to make Bookshare's braille translator barf. Thank goodness!

Again, I'm sorry that my early learning of braille and my passing on of that obviously outdated knowledge has inconvenienced anyone.


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I know we've had this discussion before, but I don't remember the outcome. It's really up to the Braille users since it effects them more.

Without further direction, I would put spaces on both sides of the elipsis.

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I think it would look a bit strange if you were to put a space after the ellipsis but not before it. So if you're not going to put a space in front, you shouldn't put one after it either.


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     I know this topic has come up many times, but I'm confused again.
In the latest issue of the Volunteer Manual it states not to place a space before the first dot and to remove all spaces between the three dots, but it does not state what to do after the third dot if the ellipsis occurs in the middle of a sentence as it often does. Ellipses are frequently used in mid-sentence in dialog, and I want to be sure to handle them correctly.

     Lori C.


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