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Hi all,

I cannot find my Elements in Style (Funk and White - if memory serves) but my 
MLA Style Sheet  "For ellipsis within a sentence, use three . . . spaced 
periods, being careful to leave a space before the first period.  Q uotations 
that are complete sentences should end with periods even though matter that was 
within the original may have been omitted.  To indicate ellipsis after the 
conclusion of a complete sentence, use three spaced periods in addition to the 
sentence period. . . . "  There is more but if anyone wants it but it regards 
poetic lines and paragraphs etcetera and I am omitting it here.  If you need it 
give a holler and and I'll copy it as the Style Sheet may not be readily 
available - I haven't looked in years. This should still be the standard and 
most other style sheets I have seen hide the relevant material in the midst of 
lots of unnecessary wordage.

 I hope this solves the problems.

Still looking for her majesty's cats. 

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>    I know an ellipsis is three periods together, but I've forgotten whether
> it is supposed to have a space before or after it. I know there are
> different rules, depending on whether the ellipsis occurs by itself, or
> within a sentence. Would someone please refresh my memory?
> Thanks,
> Paula
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