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Hi, Cindy. It is the Dunn book.

I'll see if it's still there. I love the Elizabethan period.


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> Mickey,
> I don't think there is a problem with Elizabeth and Mary, except for the
chronology - and the fact that it's
> too big for E's Braille machine. If you want to go ahead and validate it,
please do. I'll get the book and if
> the chronology pages are the only problem you can send them to me, I can
fix them and send them
> back to you. I don't particularly want to do the whole book. I have too
many other projects lined up and
> do hope to be able to help winnow down the validation list.
> Cindy
> P.S. Is it the book by Dunn? It's the only one I see in the catalog, but I
thought Starkey wrote one. Maybe
> he just referred to it in Elizabeth . . . and I'm confused.
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