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Okay, I didn't remember there was a problem with it. I'll release it.
Looking forward to reading that one.


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> -Louise, I'm a little confused by your posts about Elizabeth and Mary. I
thought at first that all it needed
> was the chronology fixed, and if no one else offered to scan it, I was
going to request the book and
> send you the fixed chronology. But your second post said you released the
book. That means the
> original is what would be downloaded. Did you do no work on it?  Does the
text of the book cause
> problems on your Braille machine (after reading all the recent posts, I've
decided to go back to the way I
> learned to write the word, whether it was used for the man or the
language -- or code, if you will -- but
> isn't all language a code in a way? --grin)? If you can and want to
validate it yourself, I'll get the book and
> provide the chronology.
> BTW, is it the book by Dunn? I thought Starkey had written a book with
that title, but I don't see it in our
> library catalog. There are other libaries I patronize that I can check,
though, if your book is by Starkey.
> Cindy
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