[bksvol-discuss] Elizabeth and Mary

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  • Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2004 12:44:25 -0500

-Louise, I'm a little confused by your posts about Elizabeth and Mary. I 
thought at first that all it needed 
was the chronology fixed, and if no one else offered to scan it, I was going to 
request the book and 
send you the fixed chronology. But your second post said you released the book. 
That means the 
original is what would be downloaded. Did you do no work on it?  Does the text 
of the book cause 
problems on your Braille machine (after reading all the recent posts, I've 
decided to go back to the way I 
learned to write the word, whether it was used for the man or the language -- 
or code, if you will -- but 
isn't all language a code in a way? --grin)? If you can and want to validate it 
yourself, I'll get the book and 
provide the chronology.

BTW, is it the book by Dunn? I thought Starkey had written a book with that 
title, but I don't see it in our 
library catalog. There are other libaries I patronize that I can check, though, 
if your book is by Starkey.

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