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Bravo, Carrie, this is a brilliant list!!
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  The Edgar Award winners for mystery fiction are:

  1954 Beat Not the Bones (NOT on db)
  1955 The Long Goodbye (on db)
  1956 Beast in View (NOT on db)
  1957 A Dram of Poison (NOT on db)
  1958 Room to Swing (NOT on db)
  1959 The Eighth Circle (NOT on db)
  1960 The Hours Before Dawn (NOT on db)
  1961 Progress of a Crime (NOT on db)
  1962 Gideon's Fire (NOT on db)
  1963 Death and the Joyful Woman (NOT on db)
  1964 The Light of Day (NOT on db)
  1965 The Spy Who Came In from the Cold (on db)
  1966 The Quiller Memorandum (NOT on db)
  1967 King of the Rainy Country (NOT on db)
  1968 God Save the Mark (NOT on db)
  1969 A Case of Need (on db)
  1970 Forfeit (NOT on db)
  1971 The Laughing Policeman (NOT on db)
  1972 The Day of the Jackal (on db)
  1973 The Lingala Code (NOT on db)
  1974 Dance Hall of the Dead (NOT on db)
  1975 Peter's Pence (NOT on db)
  1976 Hopscotch (NOT on db)
  1977 Promised Land (on db)
  1978 Catch Me Kill Me (NOT on db)
  1979 Eye of the Needle (on db)
  1980 The Rheingold Route (NOT on db)
  1981 Whip Hand (NOT on db)
  1982 Peregrine (NOT on db)
  1983 Billinsgate Shoal (NOT on db)
  1984 Labrava (NOT on db)
  1985 Briarpatch (NOT on db)
  1986 Suspect (NOT on db)
  1987 A Dark-adapted Eye (NOT on db)
  1988 Old Bones: A Gideon Oliver Mystery (NOT on db)
  1989 Cold, Red Sunrise (NOT on db)
  1990 Black Cherry Blues (on db)
  1991 New Orleans Mourning (NOT on db)
  1992 A Dance at the Slaughterhouse (on db)
  1993 Bootlegger's Daughter (on db)
  1994 The Sculptress (on db)
  1995 The Red Scream (NOT on db)
  1996 Come to Grief (on db)
  1997 The Chatham School Affair (NOT on db)
  1998 Cimarron Rose (on db)
  1999 Mr. White's Confession (NOT on db)
  2000 Bones (on db)
  2001 The Bottoms (NOT on db)
  2002 Silent Joe (on db)
  2003 Winter and Night (on db)
  2004 Resurrection Men (on db)

  Of the 51 books listed above, we already have 16 on the database and need 35 
more to have all of them available.

  Here's a list of various awards for literature and poetry:

        Award Winners: 

              Booker Prize
              Caldecott Medal
              Coretta Scott King Award
              Edgar Award for Fiction
              Firecracker Alternative Book Awards
              The Giller Prize
              Gold Dagger for Fiction
              Hugo Award
              Kiriyama Pacific Rim Book Prize
              National Book Award for Fiction
              National Book Award for Nonfiction
              National Book Award for Poetry
              National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction
                National Book Critics Circle Award for Nonfiction
              Nebula Award
              Newbery Award
              Nobel Prize
              Oregon Book Award
              Orange Prize for Fiction
              PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction
              Pulitzer Prize for Fiction
              Pulitzer Pr ize for Nonfiction
              Pulitzer Prize for Poetry
              Young Reader's Choice Award
              Whitbread Award 


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