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Canoeing is validated. 

Nice job scanning, young eagle scout. 

Colleen Edwards 

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  Hi, everybody. Dan Beaver and a local BoyScout have been scanning and 
submitting books to help boys get their merrit badges. The scout needs to have 
his books approved to earn his Eagle badge for doing a service project. They're 
short books, around 60 pages, so validating them doesn't take much time at all. 
I've done Personal Fitness and Citizenship. There are two books left that need 
approval. They are Family Life and Canoeing. Are any of you interested in 
helping Dan get these books validated? I'll take them on if no one else does, 
but they're easy enough for a new volunteer or for someone who can't work on a 
big project right now. I'd rather see these books validated by someone who 
needs credits or who is gaining validation experience.

Monica Willyard
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