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Not to get rough but there are some of us where you wouldn't think it sounds 
like a good employment but some of us may want to make it that way so all you 
can do is try.  In fact, right now I am working on a project of which you would 
say I am out of my mind can't give no more details.  So I had to chime in on 
this one.


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  Hi Anistasia,

  I do not see how a totally blind person could be an effective EMT.  You have 
to go to a scene and be able to size up a medical crisis, plus read all the 
monitors and labels.  I hate to sound negative, but this does not seem like a 
good area of employment for a blind person.

  Sue S.

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  HI All 
  Does anyone know of any blind E M T's my friend was thinking about 
volunteering to be one but she was tod you need to check the equipment and it 
would be impossable for a blind person to do that. Any thoughts?

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