[bksvol-discuss] Dragonlance update

  • From: "Grace Pires" <silvara@xxxxxxx>
  • To: <bksvol-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2011 17:20:10 -0500

Hi Everyone:
I wanted to give you an update on the books being worked on the Dragonlance
campaign.  The troops are busily working on the following books.
Sister of the Sword (DragonLance Barbarians #3) Paul B. Thompson, Tonya C.
Cook being scanned by Evan and proofed by Lissi
Dezra's Quest (DragonLance Bridges of Time #5) Chris Pierson already scanned
by Grace needs proofer
Dalamar the Dark (Dragonlance Classics #2) Nancy Varian Berberick already
scanned by Grace
will be proofed by Ann Petrous
The Clandestine Circle (DragonLance Crossroads #1) by Mary H. Herbert
scanned by Mike and proofed by Judy S.
The Doom Brigade (DragonLance Kang's Regiment #1) Margaret Weis scanned by
Rob proofed by Grace
Draconian Measures (DragonLance Kang's Regiment #2) Don Perrin scanned by
The Land of the Minotaurs (DragonLance Lost Histories #4) Richard A Knaak
scanned by Rob
Fistandantilus Reborn (Dragonlance Lost Legends) Douglas Niles scanned by
The Companions (DragonLance Meetings Sextet #6) Tina Daniell Scanned by Rob
The Inheritance (Dragonlance Classics #4) Nancy Varian Berberick being
scanned by Rob proofed by Ann Petrous
The Fire Rose (DragonLance Ogre Titans #2) Richard A. Knaak Scanned by Ellen
Kendermore (Dragonlance Preludes #2) Mary Kirchoff scanned by Ellen B
proofed by Ann Petrous
Dragons of a Lost Star (DragonLance War of Souls #2) Margaret Weis Tracy
Hickman scanned by Ellen proofed by Judy S. 
The Magic of Krynn (DragonLance Tales I Trilogy #1) Margaret Weis, Tracy
Hickman scanned by Pam H
MaQuesta Kar-Thon (DragonLance Warriors #2) Tina Daniell scanned by
Christina proofed by Nancy
Knights of the Crown (DragonLance Warriors #1) Roland J. Green scanned by
Theros Ironfeld (DragonLance Warriors #4) Don Perrin scanned by Rob
Lord Soth (DragonLance Warriors #6) Edo Van Belkom scanned by Rob
May Gillian's light shine on us as we assist Astanis in preserving the rich
histories of krynn and its denizens.

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