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Hi, Mike. Indeed, you're not alone. I do the same thing. I hate to do that, 
but when I first started validating and became familiar with who submitted 
what, I started doing that. Then, after a while, I might give a submitter 
another chance and download another one of their books, but if I repeatedly 
end up with books of the same quality, I don't do it any more. Take care.
Julie Morales
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The $2.50 credit is only received when the book joins the BookShare

Personally, I tend to agree with you; but what each individual views as
fair, good, and excellent is so variable that the judgment ends up being a
subjective one.
The easiest way around this issue, from the standpoint of the validator,
is simply not to download one of these questionable titles.
Now that I have been validating for nearly a year, I pay attention to who
submitted a book and may choose to avoid certain people's submissions.
And I suspect that I am not alone in paying attention to who the submitter
happens to be.

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