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  • Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2004 03:41:06 -0400

Those are good points.  I found them out the hard way, <grin>.

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> There's been some discussion about scanning books and running them through
> the spell checkers. If the book gets a high rating, we assume good scans,
> and may or may not read the books.
> The validator may do the same thing, leaving such interesting lines as: "I
> parked my ear in the parking lot." and others that don't come to mind
> now.
> I'm validating a book which has a lot of slight changes, and the ONLY way
> catch them is to read the book. Proper names which could be Cary or Gary,
> street names which need checking, and ears which drive around the city of
> Gleveland.
> I guess my point is really just not to trust our scanners and scanning
> programs too far. These books still need to be read before we should put
> them up for public consumption.
> Mickey

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