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        I heard back from Donna.  As you can see below, she and her family are


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Hi Gerald, and thanks for thinking of me.  Fortunately, my family has made
it through with little to no damage to their homes as well.  They are
mostly in and around Jackson and had power outages and poor phone signals
and trees down, but no real property damage.  I think the biggest issue now
is the extreme influx of people into Jackson seeking shelter and the long
lines at the gas stations.  That's hardly worth complaining about given the
extent of the damage to the south.

I have friends in the MS gulf coast area and in New Orleans, but they are
all okay as far as I've been able to learn.  Of course, the loss of
property and the uncertainty of where they will live and work is
unimaginable, but we're making contact with as many as possible and
offering whatever help we can.

I'm glad to hear that your family has come through without any lasting
damage, too.  Thanks again for thinking of me and feel free to pass this
along to the BookShare list if you like.  I've been meaning to sign back on
to the volunteer list, but the traffic on it got so heavy that I just
couldn't handle that volume of messages every day in addition to everything
else.  <smile>  Still, I'll sign back on sooner or later.  I'm still
scanning, though not as regularly as I did last year.

Take care.


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