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I'll take them, then, if anyone else doesn't want them. I don't know when 
they'll get done, but they will get done, and ultimately probably end up on 
Paperback Swap after I scan them. Take care.
Julie Morales
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For some unknown reason, everyone has been sending us romance novels.  And a 
few weeks ago, someone knocked on the office door and gave us 250 more.  I'm 
guessing we have around 400 romance novels inhouse already.  Yes, they are 
very easy to chop, scan, OCR and validate, but I really would like to 
provide more diversity and better quality writing in the books going into 
the collection.  So if you want, you can send your books in, but at this 
point, romance novels are really low priority (except for bestselling 
authors of course).


Jamie Yates <jamieyates@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    I have a shoebox full of books, mostly romance, that I have no interest 
in reading. If you would like to scan these, please send me your address and 
I will mail the box to you. There are 15 books.


  If no one wants the box, I will send it to Carrie and she can add them to 
her pile.

Jamie in Michigan
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