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Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2004 16:06:09 -0400
From: Laurel Stevens <laurel-stevens@xxxxxxxxxxx>

I've requested the book. With luck it will come before the end of the week. As 
soon as I get it I'll scan, 
validate and send you the pages in rtf. Do you know what font and font size the 
rest ot the book is in?

I'm going to be out of town, away from my scanner, from either tieh 6th ot 7th, 
but I will be back on 
Monday the 9th, so even if  the book doesn't come in before I go, I'm sure it 
will be there by Monday 
and I'll be able to send you the pages on the 9th or 10th.

If you get them from someone else before I get the book, please let me know.


Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Divorce Express - missing pages

I am validating "Divorce Express" in .rtf, ISBN 0-440-02035-2. There are 
some missing pages:  pages 27, 30, 31, and 100. Can anybody get these for 
me? The only issue I have is that I am going away on August 11. I can keep 
renewing this book until someone can get me the missing pages, but only to 
that date. If I cannot get the missing pages a day or so before August 11, 
my edit time will expire, and the original .rtf file will have to go back 
to the download for validation list, and all my other validation efforts 
will be wasted. I'd really appreciate any assistance with this.
If someone can get the pages in .rtf format, they can be mailed to me at
laurel-stevens@xxxxxxxxxxxx Thanks in advance.

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