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I've finally finished validating Desiree and  have uploaded it. I'm sorry it 
took so long. Sarah did an 
excellent job of scanning and pre-validating, marking words she wasn?t sure of 
with an asterisk and 
marking pages that had to be rescanned. There was little fixing to do, just 
some missing words here and 
there, but I enjoyed the opportunity to read it again,  

I didn't realize that it was written as diary pages, but I enjoyed it as much 
as I did 50 years ago (my, time 
goes quickly), even though the style seems a little strange compared to some 
other historical novels, 
perhaps because it was translated from the German, or because of the diary 
style ? although one gets 
used to it quickly. Desiree met Napoleon before he became famous and was 
engaged to him before he 
met Josephine. Eventually she married Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte, first a 
general, then a marshall of the 
French Republic, and ultimately king of Sweden; they  and founded the Swedish 
royal dynasty. This is a 
historical novel ostensibly about her life but more about Napoleon and the 
history and the details of his 
life and life in France between 1794-1829 (after the Revolution of 1789, from 
the period of the First 
Republic). I looked up Bernadotte on line at one point ? the impression history 
seems to have of him , 
before he became king, at least from two sources, is not as favorable as he?s 
portrayed here, nor does 
he look as I imagined him. I like this better ? and so apparently does the 

I hope those of you who like historical fiction enjoy it. It?s an almost-600 
page book, and 50 years old, but 
the historical facts are , and it?s an interesting way to learn about that 
period of time. Toward the end of 
the book there?s a brief section about Lafayette ? I?d never wondered what 
happened to him after our 
revolution and his return to France, but it was interesting to learn.

Because we thought it would be easier to find in the collection, we left the 
accents off the title.
English rather than American spelling of words. Also, there are a lot of 
diacritical marks in the French, 
German and Swedish names. I will keep the file. If Braille readers and/or 
listeners find that these don?t 
translate and make enjoyment of the book difficult I can re-submit without any 
such marks. Or I can 
submit a duplicate copy without the marks.


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