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I scanned the paperback version of this book quite a while ago.  I don't
know how its quality compares to the one Sarah did.  I saw it on the
download page yesterday and noted that the author's last name seemed to be a
different spelling than what I assumed it was.  I thought it was Silenko,
but the gbook on the download page was spelled Selinko or something like
that.  Whoever does the final validation for approval might want to verify
the spelling of the author's last name.  Thanks.

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> Hi Cindy,
> It was Sarah who scanned this book, and the problem was that it didn't lie
> flat on the scanner so there were missing words near the binding. I think
> she filled in what she could without being able to see it, but there were
> still a few places she couldn't fix.
> Kellie

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