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Thanks, Jamie.


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  Here it is Evan:

  Levels of Complexity for Scanning or Pr oofr eading a Book

  Levels are assigned to all books, to determine their overall difficulty in 
proofing. 1 is the easiest type of

  book to proof, and 6 is the hardest. The time it takes to proof a book 
depends on its level and its length.

  Level 1: The book has only text, chapter numbers, and page numbers, in a 
standard font.

  Level 2: The book has running headers or footers, in a standard font, on at 
least half the pages.

  Level 3: The book has page numbers or running headers in a non-standard font, 

  superscripts, captions, charts, or more than a few words in a foreign 
language, poems, or pictures.

  Level 3.5: The book has pictures that need to be described. This is mostly 
used for childrens’

  picture books.

  Level 4: The book has many words in a foreign language, many pictures, many 
charts, or insets.

  Level 5: The book has many areas of separate text on each page, formulas, 
text that forces scans

  with differing brightness (like different colors), or heavily formatted text.

  Level 6: The book has text in a non-standard font (which forces the book to 
be retyped), text at a

  non-horizontal angle, or massively formatted text.

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