[bksvol-discuss] Re: Deciphering a Message from Gustavo

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Books with and editor should be listed as follows.  I'll use your book as an
James Lowder (editor)
And not Ed. James Lowder
If your book had two editors listed, you would write it like this
James Lowder (editor), mythic character (editor)
Multiple editors should follow the same convention.  The same applies for
Mythic character (translator) and not Trans. Mythic Character


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A book I'd validated was sent back to step 1 with the following message:
Please use parentheses not a comma to indicate this is an author.

The author field has the following contents:
Ed., James Lowder
This book was edited by James Lowder.
I assume Gustavo is asking me to reformat the field, but I want to make sure
before I try again.
Any help and all that.

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