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The online LC copyright office is closed between 5
p.m. (and boy, are they on time with that--I tried at
5:15 and no go) on Saturday and noon on Sunday. (They
aren't so on-time with that, at least they weren't
last  Sunday. I tried at 2 p.m. and they were still

However, I checked on amazon.com. Although one can't
"see into" the book, the author was listed as Weekly
Reader's Read Magazine (Compiler) ("by Weekly Reader's
Read Magazine (Compiler)").

There are two Dear Author books, so I'd put the full
title, Dear Author: Students Write About the Books
That Changed Their Lives. That's the way the title is
on amazon. The other book, to be published in March of
2007 but it can be pre-ordered, is  Dear Author:
Letters of Hope Top Young Adult Authors Respond to
Kids' Toughest Issues. The author of that is listed as
Joan Kaywell.

I can't believe they'll keep that whole
title--probably it will be colon Letters of Hope, but
who knows.

If I remember, I'll check the LC online copyright
office tomorrow to see what it lists as author. I read
the reader reviews and it sounds like a wonderful and
inspiring book.

--- Jake Brownell <jabrown@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Lissi,
> Well you have presented an interesting quandary. I
> will do the best that I can given my resources,
> though you may want a second opinion--and of course
> no matter what anyone says Gustavo may still have a
> differing opinion.
> First I'll ask you if you're certain the title is in
> all lower case. If you are relying on a scan of the
> title that can be misleading as the OCR will
> sometimes mess up on case with nonstandard
> fonts/font sizes. Also if you are relying on the
> library of Congress section, don't; often times that
> title is written in small letters, I just grabbed a
> book off my shelf to check, and despite the normal
> capitalization of the title elsewhere it appeared in
> all lower case on the copyright page. Gustavo may
> still want the title to be capitalized on the form
> so it looks normal--but I have never seen a book
> kicked back for this.
> As for the author. Well, I see that whoever
> submitted it left off Lois Lowry. I would think
> though that this author would need to be included
> even though they only wrote a portion of the book,
> after all she is listed as an author on the
> copyright page, which Carrie's guidelines say to
> check. 
> I would not think anything would need to be added in
> parenthesis. Add to it that the instructions say to
> represent an author already on BookShare, the name
> should match what is already in the system. So in
> this case I would have:
> The Editors at Weekly Reader's Read Magazine, Lois
> Lowry
> In the comments section I would paste the library of
> congress data just like you did in your email. Maybe
> before that write that you updated the author field
> to reflect the authors as listed on that page.
> Well I hope that is a good answer.
> No, the system will not have a problem if you look
> at the form and then close the window.
> Good luck!
> Jake
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>   Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Re: old books on step 1
>   Dear Jake and Jill'
>   ...has a certain ring to it...
>   and Fellow Booksharians,
>   You are discussing taking care when filling out
> the author field in the uploading form at an
> opportune time for the book I just finished
> validating 5 minutes ago. Clarifying what I should
> write in the author field with you might prevent me
> from making a mistake which could send this book in
> to admin approval limbo.
>   The book is dear author students write about the
> books that changed their lives , and, yes, the first
> letter in all of the words is lower case in the
> official title. 
>   On the title page it says, Collected by Weekly
> Reader's Read Magazine Introduction by Lois Lowry. 
>   The copyright is 1995 by Weekly Reader
> Corporation. 
>   The library of congress cataloging-in-Publication
> Data says, Dear author; students write about the
> books that changed their lives/collected by weekly
> reader's Read magazine; introduction by Lois Lowry.
>   What would you put in the Author field? 
>   Usually when I go to step two and enter upload,
> I'm prepared and complete the form on the first
> attempt. If I were to enter upload and read the form
> just to check to see what the scanner wrote there
> and then closed that window without making any
> changes, would that confuse the system? The scanner
> is experienced and I might do well just to go with
> whatever she's filled in, but I'd really like your
> opinions. 
>   About our goal for next year, in setting my own
> take for a group goal, I'd adopted one more book
> than we added this year which really boiled down in
> my mind to 5001. I'm really not sure when Bookshare
> was founded but 6 years was the longest I'd noticed
> anyone here has volunteered so I did crude math and
> figured the average for new books per year was about
> five thousand. I also remembered that influx of
> Spanish books which helped our total for this year. 
>   Information on nonprofits suggested that their
> services tend to wax and wane in cycles dropping as
> one crop of administrators and volunteers lose
> enthusiasm, energy and interest and increases when a
> new group of people become involved bringing with
> them new ideas and vigor. My hope is that the cycle
> is such a long one with Bookshare that I won't see
> any waning in my lifetime. 
>   Another factor is that while we'll always have
> thousands of books to add, many of the most popular
> will be in the collection meaning we may have to dig
> a little deeper to find choice volumes to scan and
> validate. 
>   I'm not implying we're in danger of running out of
> material or will loose momentum any time soon. I'm
> just noticing our five thousand books a year average
> and thinking it's a fabulous accomplishment and a
> worthy goal for 2007. 
>   While my interest is in validating, I also think
> we can all serve Bookshare by attracting as many
> subscribers as possible, because it's the demand for
> our accessible library that will fuel funding and
> thereby staff and technical improvements Bookshare
> must have to thrive. 
>   That's my take on the big picture for a long time
> because where I'm happiest is as a validator and
> Bookshare consumer, so while I await your answers,
> it's on to sleep for me and then on to validate
> Stories Behind The Best Loved Songs of Christmas and
> The Book of Lost Tales Volume 2, for me.
>   Just had a frivolous, window dressing, kind of
> thought, it almost being 2007. My personal,
> official, last word for a group goal for 2007 is
> 5007 books for all of Bookshare and 57 books for my
> validation goal. 
>   In reading, scanning, validating, advising and
> being friends, I'm very happy to be among you and
> wish everyone a Happy New Year!
>   Always With Love,
>   Lissi
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>     From: Jake Brownell 
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>     Sent: Saturday, December 30, 2006 9:41 PM
>     Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Re: old books on step
> 1
>     Hi Jill,
>     You have brought up a very good example that I
> think everyone can learn from.
>     Here's the crux of the matter, Gustavo
> repeatedly says:
>     Please verify if Hertz and Marshall are the
> authors or editors of this publication.
>     He is looking at the book's meta data, which is
> what is entered on the form on the website. Here is
> the author field on the form:
>     Rosanna Hertz, Nancy L. Marshall
>     which by ommission says they're not editors. Yet
> when Sarah validates the book in her comments she
> says they're editors, yet she has failed to indicate
> this on the form, thus why Gustavo has repeatedly
> kicked it back. (Sarah has been under the impression
> that Gustavo is looking at the title page.)
>     Yes, I agree that by the third message Gustavo
> should have said something else to better
> communicate about this book. Presumably if both of
> those authors are editors that simply needs to be
> corrected on the form and the book will be accepted.
> Under that assumption, for the record they should be
> entered as:
>     Rosanna Hertz (editor), Nancy L. Marshall
> (editor)
>     Anybody up for giving this validation a whirl
> now?
>     HTH,
>     Jake
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>       From: Jill O'Connell 
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>       Sent: Saturday, December 30, 2006 3:43 PM
>       Subject: [bksvol-discuss] old books on step 1
>       Feeling a little guilty about the old books on
> step 1 I decided to download Working Families. What
> I found was a problem with whether the two names
> given as authors were really that or if they were
> the publishers. Sarah Blake tried discussing this
> twice with Gustavo and then gave up. I had this
> experience once myself with no meaningful feedback
> from him and I suspect that many of the other old
> books have the same problem. Since two other people
> had taken the book after Sarah quit and it is still
> on the list, you can bet I wouldn't touch it. My
> opinion is that these issues need to be dealt with
> in office unless Gustavo is going to take the time
> to educate us as to exactly what he wants us to do
> to convince him. 
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