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Hi Jake and Cindy,

Thanks, Jake, I got a password from support so I can sign in.

Cindy, I would have had the Cypress Point on Aug. 4.  It has been since then 
that my renewal date came up and of course I couldn't renew, so someone must 
have taken it since my date expired because it isn't on my Step 2 page and, 
like I said, it is one of the files I lost when I crashed.  I had it all 
ready but couldn't upload it.

Sue S.

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Hi Sue,

I'm not sure about the status of your book, but I can quote the following 
passage from the change email address page.

Next, make sure that the new email address is correct, as a new password 
will be issued to you and sent to your new email address.

Why they do this, I'm not really sure, but that's the system.

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  Hello volunteers,

  I just got back online after what seems like quite a long absence.  I am 
recovering from that old-fashioned type of flu that lasts longer than 24 
hours and leaves one feeling totally drained.

  Also, I have had computer problems.  Not only did I lose a lot of files, 
but I also had to change my ISP.

  Having said all that, I am wondering about the fate of Cypress Point by 
Diane Chamberlain, which I was validating.  Right now I changed my e-mail 
address on bookshare.org but cannot login because it says, "incorrect 
password".  So my second question is, when you change your e-mail address do 
you also have to change your password?  I received the message that my 
e-mail address had been successfully changed.

  Sorry about Cypress Point.  My renewal date has passed and until the 
system lets me online I cannot check.  I did do a search on Step 1 before 
changing my address and it did not come up.

  It is good to be back.  Thanks for your patience.


  Sue S.


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