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Thanks, Gerald.  I just got back online so you can release the book and I 
will get it.  You have been a big help.  <smile>

Sue S.

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OK, I've had a chance to go back and look at the Acknowledgements.  Looks 
like the OCR software had problams with the spacing between lines and 
separated the lines in the book into separate paragraphs in the scan.  I 
would not only go back and remove the blank lines between the lines of text, 
I'd remove the Paragraph Markers at the end of the lines and make it all one 
paragraph again.

I'll probably be working on a validation off and on for most of the day, so 
let me know when you're back at your computer, and I'll release the book.




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I made some adjustments to Jaws and those notations have disappeared.  But 
while you have the book, what should I do about all of those skipped blank 
lines in the author's comments before the prologue?  Should I delete the 
ones that do not denote a paragraph?

The book seems to be set up to skip lines between paragraphs, and I take it 
those should be left as they are.  Your advice will be much appreciated. 
Thanks for all your help.


Sue S.

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