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Hi all,

I am currently scanning "Republican Gomorrah: Inside the Movement that 
Shattered the Party" by Max Blumenthal.

I think someone--can't recall who--requested this one but I don't see it on the 
wish list. So, if you're out there and you want to proofread it, let me know.

From the jacket:
Award-winning journalist and documentary videographer Max Blumenthal has been 
behind some of the most sensational (and funniest) exposes of Republican 
excesses. Whether it was his revelation of Sarah Palin's involvement with a 
Kenyan pastor who boasted of epic battles with witches, his shocking reports on 
rapture-ready fanatic Pastor John Hagee's ties to Senators John McCain and 
Joseph Lieberman, or his expose of the eccentric theocratic multimillionaire 
behind California's Prop 8 anti-gay-marriage initiative, Blumenthal has become 
one of the most important and most constantly cited journalists on how a fringe 
movement became the Republican Party mainstream.
Republican Gomorrah—his remarkable, muckraking debut—is a bestiary of 
dysfunction, scandal, and crime from the heart of the movement that runs the 
Republican Party. Blumenthal describes with no-holds-barred detail the people 
and the beliefs that establishment Republicans—like John McCain—have to kowtow 
to if they have any hope of running for president, and how moderates have been 
systematically purged from party ranks. He shows why the unqualified Sarah 
Palin was the party's only logical choice and how her most fanatical supporters 
will be setting the strategy for the Republican assault on the Obama 
administration. Blumenthal warns that the Christian right will quietly exploit 
the widespread financial misery caused by the economic meltdown while 
mainstream media pundits churn out faddish and unfounded tales of the 
movement's death.
Not only an expose, Republican Gomorrah reveals that many of the movement's 
leading figures are united by more than political campaigns; they are bound 
together by a shared sensibility rooted in private trauma. Their lives have 
been stained by crisis and scandal depression, mental illness, extra-marital 
affairs, struggles with homosexual urges, attraction to drugs and pornography, 
serial domestic abuse, and even murder. For the most zealous foot soldiers of 
the right, the crusade to cleanse  the land of sin was in fact a quest to 
purify their souls.


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