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Hi, Mike, thanks, I wondered if that was the case.  I actually did a bit of 
both last Summer, what you said not to do with authors and no specifics, plus 
some specifics.  Cindy indicated that all was in their place.  Thanks for the 
note and for all you do for bookshare and for that Jentezen Franklin book about 
right people, right plan.  Have a blessed day.  
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  Hi Jamie,
  When you add something to the wish list you need to be specific.  Give an 
exact title and author and you might get what you are asking for.  Just asking 
for a certain author or list of authors isn't nearly as affective.
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    Hi, I'll certainly take a stab at it.  I'll also do the heaven book if 
nobody does it.  I want more titles in the collection by Joyce Meyer, Kenneth 
and Gloria Copeland, Charles Capps, Marilyn Hickey, John Hagee--not sure of the 
spelling, Mark Hankins, Lester Sumrall, Kenneth Hagen, Jerry Savelle, Jessie 
Duplantis--not sure of that spelling, either.  Rick Joyner, Rick Roener--not 
sure of that spelling, T. D. Jakes, Juanita Bynum, John, Doddie, Joel, and 
Victoria Osteen, Charles and Frances Hunter, John Maxwell, Bob Jones, Benny 
Hinn, Keith Moore, and many other such authors.  I made my requests known on 
the lists back in August and even copied and pasted my requests from a friend's 
book list into a message that was supposedly put on the wish list, and based on 
the format of the wish list, I'm not sure if they were or not.  Also Tommy 
Tinney and John Avanzini and Jentezen Franklin and John and Lisa Bevere and 
Creflo Dollar and Larry Lee and Rod Parsley and Larry Hutton and many such 
others.  I also would like to see more Christian fiction like Grace livingston 
Hill, June Masters Bacher, Linda Nicholson, and others.  Many of these authors 
and others are listed on bookshare, but they may only have one book by the 
authors and they may have written 10, 20, 50, 90, 100s, who knows.  There are 
over 42 books in the Mandie series--which I've proofread and helped to get into 
the collection, but even with all our efforts, I'm not sure we even have half 
the books.  I was told we had authors like I mentioned, but I know for a fact 
that Grace Livingston Hill wrote at least 100 books and bookshare has about 10. 
 I deeply admire the brave souls who put this kind of stuff up, and I have a 
few entries of my own, but based on all the discussion lately, I'm actually 
afraid to submit anything.  I'm glad you are thorough and read what you submit. 
 It pays off in the long run.  I admire Laura Ann, Linda, Monica, Angela, and 
Alyssa and many more who continue to put Christian literature out there.  Keep 
up the fantastic work.  Have a blessed day.  
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      If it doesn't have footnotes, do you want to proof it? I'm about to let 
Kurzweil recognize all the page images, so I can let you know later this 
afternoon. I'll also read it before submitting it to make sure there's nothing 
seriously wrong with it. I'm actually glad I love reading. I was going over 
something else I scanned last night and realized that somehow I skipped over 
two pages.


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      Hey, sounds like you're scanning some great things, particularly the 
Joyce Myer book.  I'd offer to proof that, but I don't know if it has footnotes 
for Bible references or anything like that.  Keep us posted on your progress.  
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        I'm now scanning the following:
        The Word, The Name, The Blood by Joyce Meyer
        Holding Heaven by Jerry B. Jenkins

        Holding Heaven should be an easy proof. It's only 90 pages long, and 
several pages are blank or have illustrations on them.

        There is a third book I plan to scan. I'm not sure if this title is 
totally accurate since the book is not in front of me right now, but it's 
something like The Joy of Encouragement by David Jeremiah.


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