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Hi all,

Yes, that is very true. I and some friends of mine spent a good twenty minutes one time in animated debate with a mutual friend who was certain that 'c h i m e r a' was pronounced shim-mer-ah. We argued loudly and firmly that no, it was pronounced ky-/me-ra. The argument went on and on until my friend Kris, whose house we all were at, dug out a dictionary and proved to Herb that the word was 'chimera". He knew what the thing was. He had read about them, but he had never heard the word pronounced aloud. He didn't know until the dictionary informed him, that chimera is a Greek word in origin and is pronounced with a K sound as in chaos or chasm or charisma.

I realize that this message is somewhat long, but I wanted to add to the point which was being made which was that sighted people are just as likely to mispronounce words as is a speech synthe. I'll never forget a young friend of mine coming up to me, very enthusiastically to say, "Ann I am reading the best book! It's called Jane I-ree." I was mystified. I couldn't figure out what book she was talking about.

"Oh," I said, "That can't be right, Suzie.  How do you spell that name?"

"E y r e," she said.

"Oh," I replied with a smile> "No, it's not I-ree. It's pronounced like the air we breathe. Jane Air. Or Jane Eyre to give it its correct spelling.

Ann P.

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